Seal Faces

Alumina Seal Faces and Sleeves

Ceramic is commonly used as a mating ring together with carbon-graphite opposite seal face in mechanical seal kits which in turn used in chemical pump applications.

Since Alumina exhibit high hardness, good abrasion resistance & good resistance to acid and mild alkaline solutions. This makes them suitable choice for chemical seal faces. They are used in corrosive environments like acids including Hydro fluoric acids, molten salt solutions, and mild to medium alkaline solutions.

Techno Cera Chemical seal faces are manufactured in Alumina 99.5, in various sizes and shapes like DA type, L type, T type etc. Ceramic Sleeves are manufactured in sizes Dia 28.6 X 140 mm, 35 X140 mm, etc. And Water Pump Seal Faces are manufactured in Alumina 96 Pink and White in various sizes like Dia 21X13X5.5mm,27X17X5.5mm,28X17X5.5mmX31X20X8mm,36X27X6.5mm,43X33X8mm 66.6X52X8mm They are lapped within 20 micron Parallelism, and polished to surface finish Less than 0.3 microns and flatness within 2 light bands and ground to finish sizes as per customer requirements.